Temperature-Related Problems That Require Appliance Repair in Worcester, MA

Technicians who provide professional Appliance Repair in Worcester MA often respond to calls from customers regarding temperature problems with their equipment. The problems may arise suddenly and mysteriously, or this may have been an ongoing issue that now is getting worse. Visit Jmapplianceservice.net to learn more about one particular appliance repair company and the devices it repairs.

Refrigerators and Freezers

A refrigerator or freezer may no longer be reaching an optimum cold temperature even when the setting is lower than normal. The home’s residents may never notice this unless they realize that milk is routinely going sour sooner than it should or that the ice cream is softer than it used to be. Refrigerators should be kept at 40 degrees or lower. Anything above this poses a greater risk of food spoiling.

Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers may suddenly stop providing any warm air or, in contrast, suddenly provide air that is way too hot. The second problem is usually more troublesome because it has the potential to ruin fabrics. The person doesn’t discover the problem until opening the door and finding that a favorite top has shrunk dramatically.


These machines generally heat their own water rather than pulling it from the home’s water heater. If the heating elements stop working, the dishes are washed in cold water. That isn’t usually effective for greasy plates and pans. Hot water also kills bacteria. Technicians who do Appliance Repair in Worcester MA can replace the faulty element at an affordable price.


Heating elements for ovens can burn out after many uses. It’s possible for people to replace the devices as a do-it-yourself project, but many would rather have the job completed conveniently by a technician from a company such as Business Name.

Another problem that may affect an older oven is inconsistent temperatures, which can cause problems when baking cakes and pies. The oven may start out at the desired temperature but become a bit cooler halfway through the baking cycle. When testing this theory with a thermometer, the person discovers the temperature may haven fallen a full 25 degrees from the set temperature.

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