Taking Care Of Granite Countertops In Tucson

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Home Improvement

When someone has their kitchen remodeled, they may decide to have granite counter tops placed in the room. These counter tops are aesthetically pleasing and are very durable. Here are some tips one can use when caring for granite countertops in Tucson.

Granite counter tops should be cleaned after every use so they do not become covered with food remnants. It is a good idea to clean the counter tops down on days when food was not prepared as well as this will remove dust from the surface. Use hot water to wipe down granite counter tops with a non-abrasive sponge. Using a detergent can put a film on the counter top, taking away from its luster. If caked on grime is present, use a cleanser made especially for granite surfaces.

Granite is made to handle even the hottest pots and pans and will not deteriorate from the excessive temperatures. It can however get damaged if it is scratched. If there is a piece of dirt between the cookware and the counter top, there is a risk of scratching. Use a pot holder, towel, or trivet to place any item upon to help reduce the risk of a scratched surface. Cutting boards can help ward off scratches from knives and coasters will help keep the surface from getting scratched from something stuck to the bottom of a glass.

If something spills on a granite counter top, wipe it up immediately. This will help alleviate the risk of staining. Acidic materials can cause granite to discolor if it is left in one area for too long. Some granite counter tops will need to be sealed to keep them in the best of shape. Test the counter top by placing a tablespoon of water on its surface. If it seeps into the rock, it needs to be sealed. If it beads up, it is most likely made from pure granite and will not need to have a sealant added. The appropriate sealant can be found in a home goods store, or through the contractor that had installed the Countertops in Tucson into your kitchen.

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