Space-Enhancing Kitchen Remodeler in Tucson AZ Tips for 2017

by | May 9, 2017 | Home Improvement

Small kitchens can be a real curse on those who want to think (and cook) big. Yet, there is only so much kitchen space to go around, and there may be some in the family who argue against cutting into the living room. Fortunately, the below Kitchen Remodeler in Tucson AZ approved tips for redesigning a small kitchen will go far towards enhancing available space.

Backless Bar Stools and a Nook

Backless bar stools already help for space purposes. It is easier to place the stools closer together while allowing a full swivel. But, just as importantly, the bar stools should be able to tuck under the bar. The bar is often aligned against a natural walkway or hall area, and bar stools that stick out can be a nuisance. For space purposes, a carving could be made in the bar area or the open window to allow homeowners to push the bars in. it is an often overlooked little feature to add a whole lot of space, especially in the outer shell of the kitchen.

Wall Mounts

The first idea about hanging pots and pans introduces an essential key piece of kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinets can act as deep storage, but they can often limit what can be done with the space. In short, a cabinet is only ever a cabinet. This is fantastic, for obvious reasons, but it can limit creativity in other areas. Ever see a kitchen that is just flooded with cabinets everywhere? It is often unnecessary. A better idea is to mix the flow of the kitchen with cabinets as well as wall mounts or open spaces along a wall surface. This way, the kitchen has a natural pace to it that is better than “put cabinets everywhere.” It is a design aspect that will enrich the kitchen and, surprisingly, allow for more flexibility in space and storage.

Browse our website for more practical tips on saving space when remodeling a small kitchen. A kitchen remodeler in Tucson AZ can really apply some fanciful ideas to make the kitchen appear and service a lot more than one would think on paper.

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