Signs That It Is Time to Call a Garage Door Repair Service in New Port Richey, FL.

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Garage Doors

Garage doors are easy to forget about until there is a problem with them. That is when you remember just how important they are to you. These doors keep both personal belongings and vehicles safe, as well as the home in general. Here are some of the main things to look for to know if you need garage door repair service in New Port Richey, FL.

The Remote Control Does Not Work with the Door Anymore

One of the first warning flags that points to a garage door in need of repairs is if the remote is not working well with the door anymore. If this is the case for you, it means the sensor on the door is likely broken and needs repair. This is an easy fix if a professional is called.

The Floor, Walls, and Ceiling Are Getting Scraped

If the door is scraping on the walls, floor, and ceiling whenever it is opened or shut, this is a problem. This typically means the garage door parts are worn and need repair work as soon as possible. This is, again, a simple fix, but if it is ignored for an extended amount of time, you may end up replacing the entire door.

The Door Constantly Squeaks When in Use

If the garage door is squeaking, it needs garage door repair service in New Port Richey, FL. This means it needs lubrication which is a service most repair companies offer to everyone. Usually, it is just the bearings and dry rollers that need lubricating, but a professional will know what to do for sure.

It Opens and Closes Very Slowly

If the door seems to have slowed down quite a bit since it was first installed, this likely means the springs in the door need replacing or repairs. These parts are very easy to replace, so calling a repair service is your best bet.

Garage doors are typically simple to fix, as long as you do not let the problem linger and become worse. Contact Business Name to take a look at the door and see what they can do to resolve the issue.

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