Signs it is Time for Chimney Repair in New Britain, CT

There are quite a few homeowners who are taking the safety and overall structural integrity of their homes for granted. Just like termites can lead to a number of costly repairs, if a person does not pay attention to the warning signs of an issue with their chimney, it could result in expensive structural damage or even lead to a house fire. Chimney maintenance and Chimney Repair in New Britain CT are the best ways to ensure a stove or fireplace is able to operate efficiently and safely.

The good news is there are a few warning signs that will let a homeowner know there is a problem present. Some of these are found here.

Rusted Firebox or Damper

If a homeowner finds it is difficult to operate their damper, it is a good idea to see if there is any rust on it. If the firebox or damper is rusted, this is an indication that there is too much moisture present in the chimney. If the reason the rust has developed is unknown, it is important to have the chimney inspected to determine where the moisture is coming from.

Shards or Flakes of Ceramic or Tile are Seen in the Fireplace

If a homeowner notices any pieces of ceramic or tile in the fireplace, it is a sign that the flue lining is falling apart. If the fireplace is used with the flue liner in disrepair, it may result in a house fire since the purpose of this liner is to protect the floors, ceiling, roof, and walls of a home. When this problem is noticed, it is a good idea to call for Chimney Repair in New Britain CTright away to ensure the problem does not get worse. Also, the fireplace should not be used until the issue is fixed.

When it comes to the health of a fireplace, a homeowner should not forget about the chimney. If they have more questions or need information about these services, they can visit the website. Being informed will help a homeowner see why regular maintenance and repair for a chimney are so important.

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