Should Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson Be Turned Into a Fun Family DIY Project?

A family has sifted through all the best kitchen cabinets in Tucson and found a pretty wonderful option for their kitchen. They decided to contact Davis Kitchens and they went ahead with the installation.

Now that the kitchen cabinets are installed in all their glory, it is time to let it alone or consider painting it over and turning it into a dazzling spectacle- potentially. Many families choose to handle their own painting, but should they? What are some things to know about turning a cabinet painting project into a big family DIY endeavor?

Professional Painting Services Exist for a Reason

Firstly, the matter only applies for families who have either decided not to have Davis Kitchens do the painting or bought the cabinets with a natural wood. Painting is one of those tasks that seems easy. But, there is a reason why there are professional painting services? If it was easy, they wouldn’t exist (there are not any light bulb replacing services, for example).

Non-Flat Surfaces

Painting can be straightforward, but it often is not. One thing to know about painting cabinets is that they often have tricky non-flat surfaces. This can be a painter’s Achilles Heel. These little grooves and nuances in the wood will stick out like a sore thumb. Paint can help cover the intricate little grooves, but it can’t work miracles. If the wood has a texture that is pronounced or a big groove, paint won’t make that disappear.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson is also a messy week-long project and not a day sooner. This is because the paint needs to be applied in layers. Time is spent drying between the layer applications. It could be a day or two between each application depending on how “deep” a family wants to go with it.

Finally, a painting project needs to be prepared for in regards to the cabinets. Painters need to take off the doors and the hinges of the cabinets. This brings everything full circle. Families that decide to go DIY on the painting may be opening the door to a huge project. It works best to have the painting go with the installation, so the team can paint as they build.

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