Removing Stains From Commercial Roofing

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Roofing

Stains on a company’s rooftop can become an issue if a building is located in a warm, humid climate. Shingles, tiles, and other popular roofing materials can be cleaned with some basic materials and tools. Before a rooftop is treated, it is important to remove debris from individual pieces. Windy conditions can cause tree limbs to break. A ladder needs to be set up next to a roof so that the materials can be inspected.

A long-handled rake or scrub brush will effectively collect items from roofing materials. Afterwards, a steady supply of water that is added to a roof with a hose will help loosen stains. Mold and mildew are two common items that stain roofing materials. After the water has penetrated the affected areas for several minutes, a cleaning solution that is made with detergent and water will assist with cleaning roofing materials. A scrub brush may need to be used to assist with eliminating dirty residue.

If a cleaning solution does not effectively eliminate stains, a small amount of bleach can be added to surface stains. Before adding bleach, any foliage or plants that are located next to a roof need to be covered so that they are not exposed to chemicals. Bleach needs to penetrate for a few minutes before cleaning a section of Commercial Roofing. After roofing materials have been restored to their original condition, a rooftop needs to be rinsed off with a strong stream of water.

If a roof is maintained on a consistent basis, severe staining will not become an issue. If any staining is difficult to remove, however, a Commercial Roofing business will assist.  or a similar roofing company has a roofing crew who has been trained to assist with problems of all sizes. Residential and commercial roofs are inspected, cleaned, and repaired. If a roof was previously leaking, any materials that are damaged will be removed and replaced with ones that will restore a roof to its original condition. New roofs are also installed by a professional company and will improve the appearance of a business or home.

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