Remodeling a Kitchen Design to Make a Small Room Bigger

Homeowners may be content with their small house until something unexpected happens. For example, maybe one of their grown children needs to move in with a child or two. The small house may benefit from an addition to accommodate the extra new residents. The homeowners may want to have a bedroom or two added and perhaps a second bathroom, and a complete kitchen remodeling may be in order. The homeowners might want this new Kitchen Design to create a bigger space for cooking, meal preparation and eating. That can be a challenge, but the decision to have remodeling contractors build an addition will help. A company such as Business Name. can tackle all these projects for homeowners who need a bigger place and don’t want to move.

The new Kitchen Design might involve tearing down an interior wall on one side of the kitchen and either building the wall further back or leaving the area open. A pantry or closet could be relocated. If it’s not possible or appealing to include an eating area at one end of the kitchen, it could be designed so the people sitting at the table can still converse with someone cooking, baking or cleaning up after a meal. Instead of a wall or a row of upper and lower cabinets, there could be a snack bar providing more counter space as well as an additional eating area.

If the kitchen remodeling can only add a relatively small amount of square footage to this particular room, adding features that provide more space or give the illusion of more space are advantageous. For instance, a bow or bay window that replaces a flat window adds more space even though it doesn’t add a square footage. It extends the room out beyond the exterior of the home and can even offer a seating area if the ledge is low enough and wide enough. A garden window over the sink also adds space. Bigger windows, in general, add more natural light. Using light colors for the window frames, paint, flooring and cabinetry also make a room feel bigger.

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