Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Start and Possible Solutions

The dishwasher is among the greatest time-saving appliances in homes. Most people who invest in dishwashers hope that they will serve them for the longest time possible without breaking down or the need for replacement. Unfortunately, even the well-built dishwashers ultimately become defective or require replacement. Fortunately, you can prolong the life of your dishwasher by maintaining it regularly and following its manual. Unfortunately, dishwasher repairs happen so abruptly, sometimes without warning. If the unit fails to start, it could be due to these reasons.

The Door Doesn’t Latch Properly

It sounds obvious, which is why it’s often overlooked. Before you panic, try pushing in the door so that the dishwasher starts. However, if the door doesn’t latch, it could be broken. Therefore, call a dishwasher repair professional to inspect the latch and replace it with the right one based on the dishwasher’s model.

Control Board Failure

The control panel on your dishwasher could be the reason why it is not starting or functioning. While the control board panel rarely breaks down, when it does, it affects the entire unit. The panel controls all the functions of a dishwasher. Unfortunately, a faulty control board can result in an array of concerns. Therefore, it’s wise to hire washer repair service in Metairie to fix the defective control board before it spoils over to other components.

Thermal Fuse

All dishwashers, irrespective of the model are installed with a thermal fuse. It prevents overheating. The thermal fuse of your dishwasher will automatically shut off when the unit is close to overheating to avoid further damage. The thermal fuse, like other fuses, can break ultimately. To fix your dishwasher, you need washer repair service in Metairie to replace the thermal fuse and get it back on track.

The next time your dishwasher fails to start, don’t panic because the problem can be repaired. Call a technician right away to inspect the dishwasher and fix it before the concern escalates. Make sure you hire a qualified and experienced repair professional for quality repair services.

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