Professional Landscaping in Westport, CT Will Take Your Lawn To The Next Level

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Pest Control

There’s a reason people with the best lawns tend to use professional Landscaping in Westport CT. Growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn isn’t easy. Everything has to be done correctly if a lawn is to look its best. Just one mistake will take away from a lawn’s look.

What Is Really Going On With The Grass?

Anyone who really wants to know how to grow their lawn will use a service like Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc to find out about the true condition of the grass and soil. Unless the soil is tested, a homeowner is just guessing what their grass needs. A soil test will tell a person exactly what needs to be done to the soil to maximize a lawn’s potential. Trying to guess what a lawn needs will usually do more harm than good.

Cutting The Grass Too Short

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while doing their own Landscaping in Westport CT is that they take too much off the top. Cutting the grass too short is a recipe for disaster. It will actually help to dry out the grass. When the grass is cut too short, brown spots might develop in the lawn. Even if the grass is watered more frequently, it might not get green enough. The additional water might just cause muddy areas.

Going Natural

Using a professional landscaper will help a homeowner to avoid using harmful chemicals in their lawn. Anyone with pets or small children should want to reduce the number of chemicals used for lawn care and pest control. An experienced landscaper will be able to help their client with natural lawn care. There won’t be any need to use harsh chemicals to control weeds. Lawsuits have actually been filed and won because of harmful chemicals used in lawn care products.

Hiring a landscaper is as easy as visiting a website or making a phone call. Service is easy to schedule, so a homeowner knows what days during the month their lawn will be cared for. Any property owner who is serious about lawn care will use a landscaper.

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