Plumbing Supplies in Lawrence, KS Allow Homeowners to Completely Renovate the Master Bath

Most homeowners hire plumbers and plumbing contractors to handle bigger remodeling projects and even to do smaller ones. They prefer to have the professionals completely renovate a bathroom, for example, or simply to replace a leaky kitchen faucet. Other property owners, however, like do-it-yourself projects. Even if they need to spend several weekends remodeling the master bathroom, they’re happy to do so. They shop for Plumbing Supplies in Lawrence KS and decide which ones are most appealing and fit into the project’s budget.

Some couples would never consider tackling a large-scale DIY project together. They figure it’s a recipe for bickering and annoyance. Others find the work to be a bonding experience. They enjoy doing home improvements together and seeing their ideas become realities. They have fun shopping for Plumbing Supplies in Lawrence KS and deciding among the myriad of products available.

A complete bathroom renovation includes numerous tasks. The homeowners may want to replace all the old plumbing fixtures with new items from a supplier such as Kitchens and Baths by Briggs. Perhaps, they want a larger bathtub. In contrast, they may want to eliminate the bathtub altogether and turn the space into a double shower with frameless doors and a bench. This can turn the bathroom into a mini spa of sorts. More cabinetry may be desirable, but some individuals prefer to rip out all the old cabinetry and replace it with a more streamlined design. That might mean having a sink with one cabinet underneath along with a cabinet over the toilet. This can be advantageous for a room without a great deal of extra space.

People often want to tear out the old flooring and replace it with something entirely different. Old linoleum may have warped at the edges and near the tub, and it may have become discolored over decades. Replacing it with ceramic tile or laminate significantly enhances the look of the room. Replacing old, dated tile or wallpaper on the walls is another project that improves the room’s appearance. These aren’t necessarily functional improvements, but they can increase owners’ satisfaction with the house and make the master bath a place that feels more serene and relaxing.

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