Keeping People Safe With Board Up Services in St. Louis, MO

When a glass pane breaks, there is a need to take steps to keep those who are nearby safe from injury. A broken pane in a business should be tended to immediately so no one becomes hurt. Here are some steps one can take to ensure the risk of an injury is minimized while waiting for the glass pane to be replaced.

Call A Glass Service Right Away

A glass company will be able to provide Board Up Services in St. Louis MO so shards and splinters in the pane will not cause anyone harm. They will first remove any loose pieces of glass and use heavy-duty boards to cover the window openings effectively. They will also be able to take measurements of the glass pane so a new piece of glass can be cut and placed in the window as soon as possible.

Alert Those In The Area To Be Careful

If there are employees or customers using the building where the glass pane has broken, they will need to be alerted of the situation so they can be cautious when getting close to the area where the window is located. Sending a memo to employees as well as telling customers via word of mouth will help in bringing awareness about the problem, so there is less likely to be an accident due to jagged glass pieces.

Use Signs And Rope Off The Area

It is a good idea to place cones in front of the broken window, so those who walk past will be less likely to get too close to any broken glass. Yellow tape can be strung between cones or positioned over the window to draw attention to the area further. A sign can also be displayed informing those nearby not to get too close to the window.

If a business wishes to retain Board Up Services in St. Louis MO, a call to a reliable glass company can be made. Take a look at a web page like visit us website to find out about the services they offer and to make an appointment for board up service if desired.

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