Information for Homeowners Regarding Gutter Guards in Connecticut

Maintaining a home’s gutter system is necessary to ensure proper function. Gutters that are clogged with debris such as leaves, twigs, dirt, and even bird nests cannot move and direct water away from the house as designed. For many homeowners, Gutter Guards in Connecticut may prove to reduce routine maintenance and cleaning.

Gutter guards are categorized as either covers or screens. The types of gutter guard systems within these categories include:

  • Mesh -; Mesh gutter guards are covers crafted of thin sheets of metal perforated with tiny holes. They fit on top of the gutter and allow water to penetrate while filtering out debris. The smaller the holes the more resistant to clogging.

  • Bottle brush -; Bottle brush guards are similar to those prickly bristles often used to prevent birds from perching on statues. When used in gutters, they lie face up at the bottom of the gutter, trapping debris on their tops while water flows uninhibited.

  • Reverse curve -; These works by directing the water to flow downward into the gutter and simultaneously sending debris to fall onto the ground.

  • Foam -; These are made of plastic rather than foam and fit inside the gutter. They work by preventing leaves and other debris from entering the gutter.

  • Nylon -; Nylon gutter guards work by lying inside the gutters and, due to their design, are the best in preventing snow buildup and ice accumulation.

In general, gutter screens constructed from metal, foam, or nylon are easy to install but don’t last very long. Gutter covers, obviously, rest on top of the gutter, so aesthetics may be an issue for some homeowners as well diminished water flow into the gutters. Gutter screens are available in copper, wire mesh, plastic, aluminum, and nylon and are distributed through contractors such as website URL

Overall, all types of Gutter Guards in Connecticut prevent large-size debris from filling up gutters resulting in blockages. However, be aware that many gutter guard products do not stop small debris like pine needles, flower buds, and seed pods, to name a few things, from entering the gutters. Moreover, gutter guards are not maintenance free, as the debris that is caught on top or within the gutters still needs to be manually removed.

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