How to Prepare For Glass Repair in Reno

When it comes to glass, it’s inevitable that accidents are going to happen. When homeowners or business owners need to hire someone to provide Glass Repair in Reno, they want to find a professional staff with deep experience dealing with broken window glass, frame repair and even sliding glass door repair. This guide will help them in their search.

Know What Type of Glass Needs to be Repaired

Customers can help streamline the repair process by knowing what type of windows will need to be fixed. Generally, there are three types of windows in most homes. They are tempered glass, dual pane, and single pane. The latter is exactly what it sounds like, just one piece of glass within the frame. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass, and when it shatters it will break into smaller and relatively harmless pieces. If a tempered window is broken, it must be replaced with the same type of glass. Dual pane, or insulated glass, contains two pieces of glass which are separated by an aluminum spacer, which in turn forms an air pocket in between them. Even if one piece of glass is broken, the whole unit must be replaced.

Identify the Frame and Measurements

When a customer needs Glass Repair in Reno they can be of help knowing what type of frame is involved, as well as what the specifications are. The frames are usually comprised of vinyl, wood, or aluminum. When taking a measurement, try to capture the width first followed by the height. The closer the measurement is, the more accurate the shop’s quote will be. Homeowners can also check to see if the frames have been damaged and if there may be any issues with gaining access to the window.

Deal With a Leader in Northern Nevada

Whether one owns a home or a commercial building, they should work with a company with close to 50 years of experience. Click Here for an example of one such company that is experienced in everything from broken glass repair to storefront glass repairs and so much more. They also offer a limited warranty of one year from the completion date of their work.

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