How to Get Ready for Garage Door Opener Installation in Chester County

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Garage Doors

A new garage door opener restores function and makes life a little more convenient. Today’s garage door openers offer many exciting features that include home automation features. But before one can use those features they must prepare for their garage door opener installation in Chester County. Below are some tips to make this service call go smoothly.

Remove Vehicles from the Garage

To help move the installation process along, have vehicles parked in the driveway before the installers arrive. Installers appreciate not having to wait for their customers to move vehicles and it keeps them on track. Even a 10-minute delay can set them back for the entire day.

Clean Up the Garage

The garage doesn’t have to be sparkling clean and organized. Installers aren’t expecting pristine conditions. What they do want, is room to work. Move any tools or equipment in the way.

Keep Pets Inside

Curious pets make the installation process go slow and can even lead to injuries. Installers need a pet-free area where they can work without worrying about tripping over a homeowner’s dog or cat. Yes, some whining and barking from pets might accompany the installation, but it won’t last forever.

Plan to Be Home

At least one person over 18 who can make decisions must be home during the installation. Sometimes problems pop up and installers need to speak with the homeowners. While some people might be okay with leaving their garage door open and letting strangers work on their opener while they’re gone, most installers are not okay with this. They want their customers to be home.

To schedule garage door opener installation in Chester County, schedule an appointment online with Smoker Door Sales.

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