Examples of Available Window Treatments in Greenwich

There are a lot of decisions to make when decorating a room, but the final crowning touch is often window treatments. The entire look of the room can be transformed by the treatments used. Window Treatments in Greenwich can be used to let in more light, provide privacy, or keep out heat or cool air. They can either be chosen because they are functional or just because they are decorative. In many cases, they are both.

Drapes are useful for increasing energy efficiency and providing privacy. They have an elegant look and, when hung correctly, can make any window appear larger. Window curtains come in an endless array of designs. Many are changed out with the seasons, with heavier fabrics used in the fall and winter. Of course, it is also easy to find a fabric and design that will look good all year long.

Shades can be light-filtering, like a honeycomb, or cellular shades. These are great for increasing privacy without blocking out all of the light. Blackout shades are perfect for bedrooms, especially for people who work third shift and need to sleep during the brightest part of the day. They are also useful in nurseries to make it easier for light-sensitive little ones to sleep. Roman shades are convenient and effective, but also decorative. They can be in solids or prints and can be constructed in a variety of materials to complement the curtains.

Blinds can be metal, plastic rattan or wood. They range from light filtering to blackout and can be horizontal or vertical. Some blinds are enclosed inside window panes to prevent dust accumulation, and it is even possible to find some that are remote control operated. Blinds and shutters, a similar window treatment, can also be built directly into the window itself. Many people use blinds and shutters alone, without the addition of curtains, because many of them are very decorative.

Basically, Window Treatments in Greenwich are as versatile as the homeowners who purchase them. Getting the correct size, style, and material can be difficult because of the number of options to choose from. Make it easier by enlisting the assistance of experts, like those at Dominics Decorating. To get started, browse in the website for ideas or contact them directly for a consultation.

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