Calculations for Weekly Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio, TX for Apartment Complexes

Managing an apartment complex requires attending to rent collection and bill payments, maintenance and improvements, and responses to requests for repair work. The owner or manager also is responsible for arranging for Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio TX, usually in the form of a dumpster and container for recyclable items in the parking lot of the building.

Determining the Required Size

The building manager must determine the size of dumpster needed for weekly Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio TX. This can be estimated based on the number of apartments or the number of tenants. A little research might be done on how many pounds of garbage the average renter produces weekly. The number of renters in the building then would be multiplied by that many pounds, which can be then be converted to cubic yardage with an online calculator.

For example, a 10-yard dumpster holds about 4,000 to 6,000 lbs. of garbage. Although it may seem startling, research indicates that the average U.S. resident generates between four and five pounds. of garbage and recyclables each day. That means the container must be able to hold about 35 pounds of trash and recyclable materials per tenant each week. That makes the small dumpster suitable for an apartment complex with about 140 residents.

Additional Considerations

Building owners and managers usually want to get a dumpster and recycling container that is a bit bigger than they normally expect to need. Some tenants will routinely produce less waste material than average while others produce more, but any of them may have guests contributing to the trash and recycling on any day of the week. There might be extra space needed in the dumpster during holidays when people are cooking for numerous guests and unwrapping gifts.

Some apartment complexes benefit from having more than one container if the campus is quite large. Tenants will want to bring their waste materials to a dumpster that’s relatively close instead of having to traipse across three parking lots. All the dumpsters can be provided by a company such as Tiger Sanitation, which may be read about at the website. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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