Avoiding Bathroom Placement Mistakes When Choosing Floor Plans for Custom Homes in Charles Town WV

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Home Improvement

When deciding on floor plans for Custom Homes in Charles Town WV, property owners may want a house built to their specifications while still having to stick with a budget. That usually means having a home with a relatively small amount of square footage and needing to be creative about room placement. When working on a floor plan, homeowners should pay careful attention to bathroom placement to prevent regrets later.

One choice sometimes made for money-saving purposes is to have one bathroom set back to back with the kitchen so both rooms can use the same plumbing pipes. There are significant disadvantages with this, however. One is that there can’t be a window over the kitchen sink if the sink backs up against the bathroom wall. This may seem like a small thing, but many people find it enjoyable to look out a window over the sink while doing dishes or peeling vegetables. If the home ever is put up for sale and a prospective buyer finds another one that is very comparable except for that perceived flaw, the lack of a window there could even cost the homeowner a sale. Making sure the kitchen has plenty of other windows for views and natural light may solve this problem. A contractor who builds Custom Homes in Charles Town WV will confer with the property owner about various options.

Perhaps a more important concern is that these designs commonly involve the bathroom opening into a main living area. This can be avoided if the bathroom is at the back of one part of the house, behind the kitchen but not opening into any other area except a hallway. The problem may be a major concern only if there is just one bathroom in the house and nowhere else to go when privacy is desired. In addition, there may be issues with odors temporarily invading the main living space. The immediate family may not mind all these aspects, but guests are likely to feel uncomfortable. Again, this can be an issue with selling the house in the future as well. A contractor such as Business Name can go over various floor plan ideas with property owners to devise the best design for their needs.

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