Are Laminates Really as Bad as People Say? A Fair Look at Laminate Kitchen Remodeling in Lawrence KS

Laminates boast the most affordable Kitchen Remodeling in Lawrence KS. Laminates also have the fantastic benefit of being able to be installed in a single weekend. Cleanup is famously easy due to the clean, glossy sheen of laminate flooring. On paper, the laminate is the moist sensible strategy for approaching a kitchen remodel one could possibly consider. There is only one fatal flaw- none of it is real.

Laminate is a fake glossy covering that mimics the texture and appearance of real stone or wood. It offers the same idolizing effect without the cost or rough maintenance. In a budget-friendly Kitchen Remodeling in Lawrence KS, a laminate is a sensible choice. Click here to get more details.

The fact that laminate is “fake” does have another distinct disadvantage. It is possible to sandblast or cut hardwood, granite, and other stones and woods. This is not the case for laminate. If there is damage, it generally has to be replaced entirely. Laminate is durable to an extent, but it can’t be fixed when damage occurs. At least, a repair would be hard to justify given the fact that the whole thing wasn’t very hard to install in the first place.

It really comes down to one big question anyone committing to a kitchen remodeling needs to ask. Are they willing to forgo the real thing for convenience and cost? Laminates are far cheaper than any comparison to the real thing. Laminates are objectively easier to install compared to the real thing in nearly any area, and they are notoriously easy to clean. On paper, laminates are easier and cheaper, and there is no one that would deny that. But, it comes at a huge cost. It isn’t real. In the manner of a property sale, the inclusion of laminate could actually work against the sale and valuation of the home. This is how bad laminate is often perceived to be. If there is no incoming sale to consider, the decision may face fewer things to consider. It is a matter of wanting the real thing or not. Given the benefits at Kitchens and Baths by Briggs, it is a decision that deserves a few extra looks.

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