A Contractor Offering PGT Window Installation in Pembroke Pines, FL Gives Advice

When homeowners are considering remodeling their homes, replacing the windows is one of the items on the remodeling list. Replacing the windows is not something to do casually. The homeowner wants to make sure the windows are energy efficient and may even want to consider purchasing hurricane-strength windows. Having these kinds of windows almost critical if the homeowner lives in a hurricane-prone area. There is a contractor that does PGT window installation in Pembroke Pines FL that lets customers know what kinds of protection they can expect from PGT windows.

PGT windows have the main selling point in that they can withstand hurricane-strength winds. Some customers have reported these windows as withstanding Category 4 hurricane-force winds. With these windows, storm panels and hurricane shutters are not all that necessary. In the event that debris hits the windows, they are designed, so the glass does not shatter into many, unsafe pieces. This protects the building and those who are inside it. The purchasing of these windows is not just money being spent; it becomes an investment.

Other advantages of having the PGT windows are that they reduce outside noise to a minimum, offer maximum UV protection, have a warranty that is reliable, and qualify homeowners for an insurance premium discount. In addition to these perks, the windows are 100 percent energy efficient. Built as a product for those areas that are susceptible to damage from severe storms and winds, the PGT windows meet the strict code requirements established by Florida housing standards. Either vinyl or aluminum frames can accompany the windows depending on what fits the customer’s particular home needs.

Broward Screen And Window Inc has been providing residential and commercial customers in Pembroke Pines, Florida and Davie, Florida with home improvement services for several years. The company has also been ensuring the customers enjoy protection from the dangerous weather by providing them with insulated windows such as PGT windows. Other services the company provides are for insulated roofing, gutter services, fascia installation, and screen repair and installation. If in search of a contractor who provides PGT Window Installation in Pembroke Pines FL.

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