A Common Residential Window Repair That Repairing A Torn Window Screen in O’Fallon MO

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If a mesh window screen in O’Fallon MO has a slit in it and insects enter a home when a window is open, a screen can be repaired by completing the steps below. A mended screen will provide a barrier that won’t allow insects in and can be utilized until a window business is hired to perform a residential window repair.


measuring tape

screen mesh


Safety pins

Embroidery needle

Embroidery floss

Fray prevention spray

Measuring and Repairing a Tear

After opening a window, a measuring tape should be used to measure the torn portion of a screen. Sharp scissors need to be used to cut a piece of screen mesh that is slightly longer and wider than a damaged area. While holding a piece of screen over a tear, safety pins can be used to secure a piece of screen to an original screen. An embroidery needle needs to threaded with embroidery floss. A basic straight stitch can be used to secure a piece of screen to an original screen.

Knotting Thread and Applying Fray Prevention Spray

Once a piece of screen is attached, embroidery floss can be trimmed with scissors. Knotting the end of floss will prevent stitches from loosening. An even amount of a fray prevention spray should be applied to embroidery floss. This type of spray will provide floss with a protective coating and prevent fraying if floss is exposed to moisture.

If a window screen needs to be cleaned before it is replaced by a company that will be hired to perform a residential window repair, a nonabrasive cleaning product and cloth should be used to remove residue from a screen. Contacting a window and screen company by phone or by visiting a website will allow an individual to get more information about screen repairs and replacements and window installations. Patio and pool enclosures, residential home services, gutter repair and installations and hurricane preparations and repairs are offered by a licensed company. A free estimate will be provided for requested services before an individual decides to hire a company for their needs. Contact our professionals today for a free estimate.

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