5 Tips for Installing Wood Siding in Columbus OH

Installation of wood siding can be challenging to inexperienced people. However, it can be easy for the do-it-yourself people and those who have previously done it and succeeded. Nevertheless, the installation process can be a lot easier if some further techniques can be learned and assimilated in the process. Siding protects the exterior walls from harsh weather. Most of them are made of wood and therefore play a significant role in the overall structure. Here are tips for performing Wood Siding in Columbus OH to ensure the job is done right.

Sealing of Wood

Before installation is conducted, it is essential for sealing to be done. Not only does it protect the wood from harsh weather but it also helps the paint or stain to last longer when it is later applied.

Staining and Painting

Having mentioned painting and staining in the last tip, they both help the wood from absorbing moisture. One should ensure that the painting is done on both inside and outside areas of the wood including the edges. Similarly, cedar or redwood are a little different and require one to do back-priming. This process protects wood which has high extractive chemical.

Remember to Paint and Stain the End Cuts

Wood sidings come in different sizes for installation in various locations. However, one may need to customize them by cutting some parts to fit a particular area. In case this is done, the chopped areas should be stained and painted. This step will prevent water from seeping into the wood and damage the wood.

Use Water Resistant Paper to Protect the Siding

This step prevents water from seeping from beneath. Water resistant materials such as house wrap, felt, or other available water resistant materials can do the job efficiently. The first paper should again overlap the top of the foundation by at least an inch while the rest should overlap by at least two inches.

Use Appropriate Siding Nails

After the purchase of siding wood, they come with their special kind of siding nails. These nails prevent the siding wood from splitting. Therefore, one should not use any other type of nails for installation purposes.

These tips will help to establish a sustainable structure with minimized maintenance costs. For projects related to Wood Siding in Columbus OH, visit Arrowroofingandsiding.com.

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