3 Tips for Designing the Perfect German Kitchen for Your U.K. Renovation

When you have decided to indulge your love for luxury German kitchens by renovating your own cooking space, your first step will be to design your new kitchen. While this can seem overwhelming, working with an experienced designer can help. Additionally, there are a few design considerations to keep in mind as you create a traditional German cooking space.

Emphasize Countertop Space

A German kitchens design focuses on practicality and utilitarian concepts, so look for ways to maximize your countertop space. This might involve adding a kitchen island or increasing cabinet space to keep cooking utensils out of sight. You should have an area of counter space designated for meal preparation and a separate section for serving food.

Choose Durable Countertops

Granite and quartz are the most durable types of countertops, so they would be best for designing luxury German kitchens. This is an important consideration because you will want to make sure that your new countertops last as you use them consistently for meal preparation. Softer materials will cut more easily, stain, and warp in a short period of time.

Consider Lighting Placement

In addition to using lighter paints for your cabinets and walls, it may be helpful to design a lighting system that will illuminate food prep areas. You’ll want to be sure you will have enough lighting to prepare food when there isn’t much natural sunlight in your kitchen. Adding extra lighting over your kitchen island, stove, and other key areas will enhance your German kitchens design and make the cooking space easier to use.

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