3 Simple Signs That Your Home Could Use New Roof Insulation in Eugene

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Home Improvement

While come elements of your home are built to last for decades, others will need replacing from time to time. Insulation is a prime example. In fact, the roof insulation Eugene in your home could need replacing right now. Here are three of the more common signs indicating that now is the time to have it replaced.

If you’ve noticed the utility bills increasing, it’s not because the rates have gone up or the weather is unusually hot or cold. The problem has to do with the deteriorated state of the insulation. Once you replace it, there’s a good chance you will notice that the monthly utility costs return to a more reasonable amount.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the attic seems to be less comfortable than it was in the past. The failing insulation may be allowing more drafts to enter the space. That makes controlling the climate within that space more difficult. Once new insulation is installed, things will be better.

As roof insulation Eugene begins to fail, it affects more than just the temperature in the attic. Areas of the home that were once a uniform temperature may seem hotter or colder than the rest of the place. After you get rid of the old insulation and replace it with something new, those hot and cold spots should fade away.

If you’ve never given much thought to the roof insulation before, seek out a contractor who can inspect the product and tell you if it needs replacing. If so, the contractor can recommend one of several approaches that may work well for your home. After the project is completed, you’re likely to notice an immediate difference in the temperature and humidity level in the home.

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