Signs It’s Time to Call a Pest Control Company

Many times, a homeowner will come across a spider or a persistent chain of ants and do not fully understand the scope of the problem. Before long, this creates a snowball effect. Luckily, seeking an exterminator early, one can ward off serious infestations. This will help to keep the home safe and free of damage. There are several signs to keep that are an indication that it is time to call for Glen Burnie Animal Control.

Dead Insects

Often, when people see dead insects they think this is a good sign, the fact of the matter is that there are probably swarms of live pests elsewhere in the home. Keep in mind, rodents, spiders and insects have life cycles just like other living things. So, finding dead pests throughout the home should be a red flag that pest control should be lined up soon.

Damage to the Home

When a house has become the home for pests, there is pretty much a guarantee that damage is underway. Rodents tend to burrow through the walls and eat away at anything organic. Then, termites leave behind tunnels of mud which cause catastrophic structural damage. There are also carpenter ants that will feast on porches, window sills and door jams. To stay on top of any issues that could be in the works, it is a good idea to carefully evaluate the home for any sign of damage on a regular basis.


As the pests eat their way through the home, they will be leaving behind droppings. These not only make the home messy and unsanitary, they can also be dangerous. Mice droppings carry hantavirus which can be fatal for humans. At the first sign of droppings in the home, reach out to Accutech Pest Management for Glen Burnie Animal Control.

For additional information visit us. Whether you are in the need for preventative type services or have already spotted a problem and need assistance, Accutech Pest Management is here to help. They are here to help you protect the home which is also an investment with 11 years of experience in pest control services.

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