Effective Rodent Control In Minneapolis

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Pest Control

Rodents often carry diseases and can destroy the inside of a home or business. Small rodents, such as mice or rats, tend to hide in dark areas and can be difficult to capture. There are some steps that a home or business owner can take to prevent rodents from becoming a problem. If there are any gaps around doors or windows, adding a layer of caulk to each spot can prevent rodents from entering. If garbage or food scraps are lying around, bagging up items and disposing of them in a timely manner can discourage pests from staying on a piece of property.

Many retailers sell products that are designed for rodent control in Minneapolis. Products that come in spray form can be applied to the exterior or interior of a residence or business. These products often remain effective for several months. If an individual does not wish to kill rodents, but would still like to eliminate them, they can purchase traps. Traps come in several sizes and have a door on one end of them. Rodents can enter a trap, but will be unable to exit one. With this type of trap, pests can be deposited in an area that is away from a person’s property.

When mice or rats are released, they will be able to locate a new habitat in natural surroundings that they are accustomed to living in. If an infestation is severe and attempts to eliminate rodents have been unsuccessful, Be There 4 You or another pest control company can assist. Exterminators have been trained to eliminate infestations of any size. During an initial appointment, an inspection will be completed in order to locate pests.

After the size of an infestation is determined by an exterminator, products will be administered to destroy pests. Exterminators will carefully apply pesticides so that people and animals are not harmed during the treatment process. Once rodent control in Minneapolis has been successful, an exterminator will set up future appointments to reapply pesticides or inspect a home or business to ensure that an infestation is not becoming a problem again.

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