Take Your Bathroom Style to the Next Level with Frameless Shower Doors in Atlanta, GA

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

Bathrooms have come a long way over the years. Once largely utilitarian spaces, they’re now designed with comfort, style and even a certain amount of luxury in mind. At this point, you can effectively control your toilet and shower with your smartphone. While this level of technology takes matters a bit too far for some homeowners, you can incorporate a number of less state-of-the-art components into your bathroom design to make this the room in which everyone wants to spend a little extra time.

Among these elements are Frameless Shower Doors in Atlanta GA. No matter the overall size of your bathroom, frameless glass is said to make the space look and feel larger than its actual square footage. The lack of extra metal gives the room a lighter appearance and a more open, airy appeal. Shower doors like these also allow the beauty of any elaborate tile work and sleek fixtures to shine through more so than plastic curtains or cumbersome metal framework.

As far as your bathroom decor goes, you might find yourself restricted where hardware is concerned. Brass blends well with some styles whereas chrome may be a more fitting option for others. They meld with virtually any theme and color scheme.

Cleaning is another aspect in which Frameless Shower Doors in Atlanta GA make a considerable difference. Sliding tracks, hinges, frames, caulking and other components are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Only a select few cleaning agents combined with plenty of scrubbing can eliminate these unsightly problems. Even then, the effects are short-lived, and some stains eventually become permanent.

Frameless shower doors are suitable for all types of decor. They can make a small bathroom seem more spacious and a sizable bathroom feels larger than life. Cleaning tends to be much more effective and less time consuming as well. While frameless doors offer plenty of benefits, they do need to be custom-made and professionally installed. Contact MG Glass Inc to learn more about taking your bathroom to the next level.

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