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Anyone living under the seasonal threat of hurricanes and tropical storms knows that proper protection is essential to their peace of mind, as well as their wallet. There are a variety of protection options on the market, however, the issue with most of them is that they require a home or business owner to be present and available to put them in place in time for the storm. Life, as everyone is aware, does not always work that way, and when it doesn’t, the results can be costly.

An excellent way for people to circumvent this issue is to install impact windows and doors.

Impact, or storm resistant windows protect property owners from dangerous and damaging debris during a hurricane or tropical storm, while saving time by only requiring one installation. Other storm protection options, such as shutters, have to be installed every time there is a hurricane, and while everyone is encouraged to ensure that proper protections are in place during a storm, not everyone is actually impacted by the weather event. This means that for a lot of people, they are simply sitting in the dark of their homes after putting up protections they ultimately didn’t need in the first place. Impact glass provides constant protection while being attractive and retaining visibility throughout the storm.

Home and business owners that use impact glass in their properties enjoy a variety of additional benefits, too, such as increased UV protections, as well as lower summer energy bills, as the glass helps to reduce solar heat from penetrating through to the inside. Moreover, it also adds a level of noise reduction, which is very nice for individuals close to noisy dogs or traffic.

Because impact windows and doors are such an effective method of storm protection, people who install them on their properties often times enjoy lower insurance premiums than those with standard windows and doors who rely on other, less effective methods.

For people looking for impact window installation in Hollywood FL, check out Broward Screen and Window, Inc. With over thirty years of experience in the community and industry, they provide top of the line window and door options to their customers, always with a free estimate and a five-year warranty on their screen enclosures, windows, and accordion shutters!

For more information on impact window installation in Hollywood FL, Visit us at our website.

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