Doing Window Screen Repair in St. Louis, MO

When someone notices a rip in a window screen in their home, they will want to do an effective Window Screen Repair in St. Louis MO, so insects do not make their way into their living space. There are a few ways a screen can be fixed instead of purchasing a new one. Here are some steps that can be taken to patch a screen.

Try Using Clear Nail Polish

A screen that has one or two metal wires no longer intact can often be fixed with clear nail polish. The polish is dabbed directly over the area where the metal mesh is broken, providing a seal that is not very noticeable. It is important to wait until the nail polish is completely dried before touching the screen in this area.

Use A Window Screen Repair Kit

Small holes can be patched with help from a window screen repair kit. This kit comes with pieces of metal mesh that can be positioned over the area needing repair work. The mesh is sewed into place with clear fishing line to help obscure it from view.

Call A Professional Repair Service

A business that provides Window Screen Repair in St. Louis MO will be able to piece the broken mesh pieces back together, so they are no longer visible to those looking at the screen. This type of service is helpful when tears or large holes are present within a screen.

Remove And Replace The Screened Portion

Instead of purchasing a new frame with screening, the existing screen can be removed from the frame and replaced with a new piece. Screen fabric can be purchased from a hardware store and cut to fit the frame with help from wire cutters. The screen is stapled onto the wood framing to keep it in place.

When there is a desire to have a business do a professional Window Screen Repair in St. Louis MO, finding a service known for their great pricing is desired. Take a look at visit us website today to find out more about a business with superb customer service and to make an appointment.

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