Deep Cleaning A House Has Positive Effects On The Family’s Health

The cleaning lady has a job because cleaning is, well, not clean. It’s the rare homeowner who actually enjoys getting their hands dirty and their knees sore from scrubbing. A deep cleaned house is good for the health of the family in the house. Here are some of the health benefits of having cleaning services in Santa Monica, CA, deep clean a home.


No one credits the fact that walls get dusty. Deep cleaning includes dusting any surface in a house. Cleaning services know that dust sets off more asthma attacks and allergies than other triggers.

Cleaner Diet

Studies have shown that people eat a healthier and cleaner diet including fresh fruits and vegetables when they live in a home that’s been deep cleaned. Those eating in a cluttered room chose unhealthy foods like prepackaged foods and sugary snacks.

Illness Prevention

Germs and bacteria cozy up to sticky spills, wet spots, dust, and dirt. They proliferate, which makes families sick when they inhale it. Flu-like symptoms, fever and body aches can be attributed to such germs and bacteria.


It’s a fact proven in studies that clutter equals stress. Deep cleaning a house cuts stress by 20 percent. Studies also showed that the scent of real lemons or lemon essential oils helped with stress levels. Lemon-scented chemicals didn’t.

Mood Booster

Studies have also shown that cluttered premises gave their owners a depressed and anxious feeling through the day that led to a bad mood. On the other hand, clean, orderly premises made their owners feel good all day due to relaxing surroundings.

Restful Sleep

Once cleaning services in Santa Monica, CA, deep cleans a house, its owners sleep better. It’s clean sheets and deep cleaned floors that makes them feel more comfortable, and de-cluttered surroundings that makes them feel more relaxed. See? There’s an upside in keeping the house clean.

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